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Quotes from happy clients

"I have used Susie's physiotherapy services for several years for my 3 horses. Her good work has enabled my horses to stay in good health, continuous work and successful in all disciplines. I would highly recommend Susie's services."

Hayley Dolby

"Susie has been looking after my horses for the past 8 years. Our initial encounter was when my first horse became badly lame shortly after we purchased her. We went through the usual channels of advice from the vet and farrier but no obvious diagnosis could be found. Susie came out and with her magic massaging fingers and solved the lameness issue, as the next day we took her up to the vets for further investigations but found she was completely sound lunging on soft and hard ground which was a fabulous surprise! She has since worked her magic on my other two eventing horses, correcting stiffness issues and pointing out exercises I can do to help with the recovery of problems."

K. Larman

"I can thoroughly recommend Susie, having used her for my horse since 2013. I have used her for both routine treatment and specific treatment following saddle or other issues. The routine treatment ensures my horse remains supple and any niggles or tightness is quickly spotted, the cause identified and treated. As my horse competes regularly, Susie's treatment is an important part of his routine to enable him to comfortably compete to the best of his ability. Being ACPAT registered also provides the comfort of knowing my horse is being treated by a qualified and regulated physiotherapist."

Jo Freeman

"My horses have been clients for many years. A visit from Susie is part of their routine care programme. She works alongside my vet, trainer and saddle fitter so that I can be confident that we are all working towards the same goals and that my horses are helped to stay in tiptop shape. Whether it's rehab or general maintenance, the horses seem to love it. 10/10 from me!"

Jo Justham

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