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Examples of successful horse treatments

Horse A

I was asked to look at horse A because the owner was concerned that he had become resistant to schooling on the right rein.

After completing a full assessment, he was found to have a significant area of muscle spasm through the left lumbar area. On reviewing the owners synthetic saddle, it was found to have worn unevenly and a review with the saddler was recommended.

Treatment consisted of loaning the owner a TENS machine to use through the affected area daily for the next 2 weeks. The owner was also shown stretches to be done daily and was advised on schooling methods.

After 2 weeks the horse was reviewed, and was found to be much improved with no muscle spasm now present. The owner was now finding schooling much easier on the right rein.

equine therapy case studies

Horse B

I was asked to see horse B following an injury to the check ligament . The horse had already been seen by the vet and a course of Ultrasound had been recommended in conjunction with medication, corrective farriery and walking in hand exercise.

Ultrasound is a form of electrotherapy used by physiotherapists to promote healing. It is pro-inflammatory and encourages optimal tendon healing.

With regular ultrasound treatment in conjunction with veterinary treatment this horse made a full recovery as confirmed on ultrasound scanning of the ligament.

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